Stronger is an online training program designed to help women feel better about themselves and inspire the confidence to exercise.

First you sign up for a 4 week personalized training program. Fully functional web application. There you can view tutorial videos, find healthy meal suggestions and keep track of your progress. After the first 4 weeks, you are guaranteed to be stronger. 

24.990ISK for 4 weeks

No, and the reason being that I don’t make exact meal plans. The meal plans that my clients get are just ideas and suggestions for healthy options because I don’t want them to get bored with the same food over and over. I want my clients to experience healthy options and learn how to make it a lifestyle.

No, I only do online training.

Not if you really don’t want to. I highly recommend that you do though, because sometimes when you are working towards a goal you stop seeing the progress in the mirror and then you have the photos to motivate you and see how far you have come.

Yes you can. If you are playing other sports and you want something extra we can make that fit your needs.

Not at the moment. To be honest I’m not much into vegan meals so I don’t want to preach something I don’t do myself.

Yes you can as long as you are feeling good and healthy and your doctor has given you permission to do it.

I always recommend that you talk to your doctor first and get his permission. If the birth went well and you are feeling good and ready to start exercising then 6-8 weeks after having your baby should be fine.

Yes. You can ask for a home workout plan with or without equipment.

No, whatever suits you best.