Personal trainer and entrepreneur


Hi. I'm Kris J.

I'm from Iceland but I live in Qatar with my husband Aron, our two sons, Óliver and Tristan, our dog Ninja and one baby on the way in October 2020.

I have always been into sports since I was a little girl but fitness over took my life around 2010. I competed on multiple occasions as a professional Fitness athlete and was very successful as such. After having our first son I gave up the fitness career and starting focusing more on overall training. I have always had the need to have a diverse scope of training methods and I love trying out new things and have implemented a lot of different things into my training routine over time.

As a busy mom juggling many balls, I know how important it is to have a little time for yourself and how much training can do for you physically and mentally. A lot of us don’t have the time that we want to fulfill our needs when it comes to training because it can be time consuming but I believe I have the solution for you. I have made programs that can fit your time schedule wether you have little as 15 min to exercise per day or longer.

My philosophy is simple, you get what you put in. I believe you can achieve your goals if you make a commitment and turn that commitment into a habit. The power of change is in your hands but I’m here for you along the way helping you reaching your goals. Just remember nothing happens over night. We are building up healthy habits that will turn into your lifestyle, no quick solutions.

My online training programs, STRONGER by Kris J, are various programs for beginners to advanced persons that can train at home, in the gym or anywhere you want really. Along side some plans that only takes you short amount of time so you basically have no excuse for making a little time for YOU during the day. Something is always better then nothing.

My passion is to help you getting STRONGER body and STRONGER mind, happier and the best version of you!

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