Personal trainer and entrepreneur


Hi. I'm Kris J. I'm Icelandic but I live in Cardiff, Wales with my husband and our son. I used to be just a regular, lazy, candy and junk food eating couch potato that really didn't have the ambition to push myself even though I have always had athletic abilities. One day I just stopped being that person. I set myself goals and I went after them.

The biggest factor in my progress was how I felt myself becoming STRONGER, both physically and mentally. This feeling of overcoming the obstacles and reaching goals breeds confidence. When you have confidence - nothing can stop you.

For the last 10 years I've competed on multiple occasions as a professional Fitness athlete and have been very successful as such. Even though I was a Fitness competitor I always had the need to have a diverse scope of training methods. I love to try new things and have implemented a lot of different things into my training routine over time. Added on to the regular fitness, cardio and weightlifting routines I have been experimenting with adding exercises from yoga and mobility all the way to combat sports into the mix.

My online training program, STRONGER, is built on all those things I have learned and implemented into my own training routine and I promise that if you follow the guidelines you will get fitter and stronger.